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City is growing at a great pace. In the process of development the number of vehicle on the roads gets multifold. Now a days there is much load on the roads. The Structure of Gorakhpur city is changing and it feels very delightful for every Gorakhpurites. But in other context the regular siren of Ambulance creates a hustle in the body. Yes you got it right Accidents. Which is so frightening that the friend and family member gets anesthetic.

For solving such problem CodesGesture have started Digital Rakhdata Portal which is absolutely Free of Cost. There the donor will register with the Name, Mobile, Blood Group and address.

As a result the patient who is struggling for certain blood group donor can easily search the respective Donor. The Digital Rakhdata Portal the donor and receiver can easily tie a knot to get this divine work completed with no hurdles.

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Some facts

Blood Donation Facts

  • The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood.
  • Every two seconds someone needs blood.
  • The blood type most often requested by hospitals is Type O.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors.
  • Donating blood is a safe process.
  • Blood makes up about 7 percent of your body's weight.
  • The number one reason donors say they give blood is because they "want to help others."
  • On June 14th "World Blood Donors Day" celebrates.
  • On October 1st ‘National Blood Donation Day’ celebrated in India.


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You can give blood at any of blood donation venues all over the world.
We have total sixty thousands donor centers and visit thousands of other venues on various occasions.

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